Icarus - Aerospace


ICARUS’s new TAV™/WASP™, a redefined tactical aircraft offers immediate and
attractive investment opportunities supported by strong global demand.

Military aircraft fleet can no longer keep up with existing and future threats.

Obsolescence programs are in effect. Replacement or new acquisition proposals demand an aircraft which offers a high degree of adaption to a variety of tactical roles and mission profiles, at the lowest possible cost.

Increasingly, agencies are pulling away from the soon-to-be obsolete products. They must reluctantly convert to sub-optimal and modified trainers, or small commercial aircraft to conduct missions they were never designed to support.

ICARUS is uniquely fit to bring TAV™ & WASP™ to a lucrative market.

The nimble, capable, and lean new player comprised of senior aerospace industry and military early-stage team members with decades of experience and know-how. We understand the aerospace industry pain points; we drive efficiency to maximize returns.

We deliver a disciplined execution, rigorous program and supply-chain management.

ICARUS Aerospace is establishing a program participation framework with key suppliers and world-class aerospace companies.

Phased funding supportive of phased program execution.

Market and Investment outlook

ICARUS is estimating that 60% of the existing world fleet of comparable military and civil platforms will require replacement within the next 20 years.

The TAV™/WASP™ from Icarus Aerospace will capture a significant portion of the replacement market.

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