Icarus - Aerospace

Our Mission


ICARUS Aerospace provides the world a unique family of clean-sheet, mission-specialized, aeronautical products. We design, assemble, certify and put in service innovative aircraft suited for rapid reconfiguration, multi-roles, and efficient deployment over a wide range of operational theatres. Our mission is to apply forethought to innovation. ICARUS excels in creating rock-solid requirements and world-class product integration, followed by flawless and timely execution.


The ICARUS Core Team values innovative design, adaptability and responsiveness to customer needs, experience led capabilities enhancement, long lasting relationships, and respect, with a relentless focus on achieving results. We value our ability to design for superior operational performance while respecting the environment. We enhance technical and operational capabilities by managing technological risks. We value our creativity to offer and support rugged, versatile, and highly reliable aeronautical products. Our safety culture rejects unnecessary risks. At ICARUS, our drive to innovate applies to preserving and improving the wellbeing and the safety of others.